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What's new with BusinessU?


Filter assignments with missing submissions in the gradebook.

Teachers can now filter their gradebook to only show assignments past due where some students have not yet submitted anything (otherwise known as "missing").

Sections are now synced with Google Classroom as material

Previously, if you synced a section with Google Classroom, it would appear as an assignment. That's relatively cumbersome as it assumes students are going to be "turning in" a reading for grading, when most of the time that's not the case.

We've updated it to instead create sections as material inside Google Classroom, so it still shows up inside your materials and on your stream, but not as a grade.

Assignments still sync to Google Classroom as assignments inside the gradebook.

New editing experience for custom content.

We've just released a completely redesigned editor for teachers to use when creating their own content under the My Content tab.

Create new elements using the plus button, and drag them around using the dragger that appears when you hover over them.

We hope you like it!

Change default assignment settings for each assignment category.

Teachers can now control default assignment settings for each of their assignment categories. This means now instead of setting defaults for every assignment, you can have different defaults depending on which category the assignment is created with.

For example, you can set 3 maximum attempts for Classwork and 1 attempt for Tests / Quizzes. Neat!

We've refreshed the design of the class settings page.

Class settings were getting a bit out of control, with many ways to customize your class on one page! If you click on Class Settings now, your class settings have been organized into different categories based on function.

You’ll also notice your default groups configuration is no longer on the class sidebar, and has been moved to class settings.

Teachers can now collaborate with other teachers in their class.

Teachers can now invite other teachers to their class to “team-teach” with them. The team teaching feature allows the “owner” of the class to control which teachers have access to their class, and their individual permissions as a team teacher.

To get started, go to your Class Settings and then click on Teachers & Permissions.

Teachers can now view all student attempts.

On assignments that allow multiple attempts, teachers are now able to view all of the student's previous attempts. To get started, when grading an assignment, select a student from the left sidebar. If multiple attempts are enabled, the student's attempts will pop in on the left sidebar.

We've refreshed the design of the grades table.

The table is now a little more compact, providing plenty of room to see more students and grades at once.

Assignments also now include small indicators for their current sync status, and you can turn these indicators on and off by using the settings button at the top-right corner of the grades table. Even more room to see grades!

More flexible reveal answers settings.

Teachers now have more control over when to reveal answers on assignments. If assignments have multiple attempts, teachers can elect to automatically reveal answers to students after a specific number of attempts.

Students are also able to elect to forfeit the rest of their attempts to see the answers early, as long as the teacher has reveal answers turned on.

Support for "save as..." inside reports.

If you have a saved report you've made modifications to, currently you can only save those changes back to the original saved report.

We've added a new "Save as..." button to allow you to save the changes to a new report instead.

Assignment submission answers are no longer cleared in new attempts.

Previously, whenever a student would retry an assignment, their answers were cleared. Now, whenever they retry an assignment the answers from their latest submission are restored, so they no longer have to completely redo an assignment on each attempt.

Video captions are more readable.

Sometimes our video captions would move from one to another too quickly, so now we display the previous caption with the current caption so you don't lose your place.

Teachers can now unsubmit assignments rather than completely reset them.

Currently, the only way to reset assignment submissions for students is to completely clear their answers.

However, if a student simply submitted too early by accident, they would have to completely redo the assignment. Now, teachers have the option to unsubmit the assignment, or completely reset it. Unsubmitting the assignment keeps the student's answers, and completely resetting it works the same way the current reset functionality does.

Reset assignment submissions to their automatic grade.

For auto-graded assignment submissions, teachers can now reset the grade to the automatic grade. This is useful if there are ever any issues with the automatic grading system, or if you've customized the grade and would like to reset it back to the original grade.

Move students between classes.

Teachers can now automatically move students from one class to another, even if they've already done work in one class.

To move students, go to the Students page inside your class, click the three dots to the right of the student you want to move, and then click Move to another class.

Grades table sorting is now persisted.

Instead of having to select the same sort option each time you go back to the grades table for a class, your previously-selected sort option is now restored.

Additional sorting functionality inside the gradebook.

We've adjusted how filters work inside the gradebook, and added the ability to sort by creation date, due date, and the last submission date (the last date a student submitted an assignment for grading).

Videos now have English and Spanish captions.

Students and teachers can now watch BusinessU videos with English or Spanish captions. To get started, click on the Captions icon when watching videos (immediately to the left of the fullscreen option), and then select your language of choice.

This update is rolling out gradually, so you might not see translations and captions available on every video immediately.

Sync sections with your LMS.

You're already able to sync assignments with your LMS for communicating assigned materials with students and grade passback.

Now, you can do the same with regular content. Simply click on the three dots next to the content, click sync, and then select your LMS class you'd like to sync with. The content is automatically synced and students will see it in their feeds if it's enabled.

You may also click on the "Copy Link" option to copy a link to the content, if you'd like to share it directly with students.

Learn how to use this new feature in our support article.

We've redesigned our reporting interface.

The reports tab is more powerful and intuitive than ever before. Teachers can analyze student performance by standard, by lesson, by metric, and they can compare performance across multiple classes/students with all new charts. Teachers can also save report presets for reports that are commonly viewed.


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